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The COBOL workforce is retiring, and the risks associated with the departing knowledge, the lost expertise, are daunting. Your portfolio is increasingly vulnerable. This is old news.

Regain intellectual control of your apps with an expert colleague in mainframe applications; an emergent, applied AI that understands source code as developers do. You can replace your lost application expertise overnight with COBOL ColleagueTM, enabling your new developers to be productive and competent, day-one on the job.

Colleague is AI for COBOL. It helps your staff know your apps better than the developers that built them. Discard outdated documentation, unburden your key developers, modernize at your leisure, and fix defects in minutes. Developers new to your portfolio become whiz-kids on their first day, experts increase productivity ten-fold, and you shave strokes off your game.

The COBOL Colleague Solution

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Mitigate reputational risks
At an average cost of $5MM per hour, outages and regulatory fines can destroy your corporate image. Colleague reveals change impact before it becomes a production nightmare.

Replace application expertise
With COBOL Colleague, novice COBOL programmers can make changes in your apps on their very first day. No other support is required!

Accelerate development productivity
Application understanding requires 75-80% of a developer’s time. What if it were almost zero? Colleague radically improves productivity for new and experienced developers.

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