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Phase Change launches its product support website –

Phase Change announces the launch of its product-focused website – ...
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The cost of fixing COBOL bugs

COBOL is entrenched as a vital part of the global economy, but its diminishing trained workforce is causing the cost of maintaining COBOL-based applications to rise precipitously. We estimate that ...
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Understanding code is the key to software development

Discover how software developers are like archaeologists, and why understanding source code involves a lot more than digging. According to a number of experienced programmers, developers spend the great majority ...
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long live cobol!

COBOL is dead! Long live COBOL!
A living collection of COBOL articles

Despite its age and multiple reports of its impending death, the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) remains responsible for a large portion of the world’s daily financial transactions – credible ...
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cobol is cool again

Why is COBOL cool again?

Discover why the recent spotlight on COBOL systems and the shortage of qualified COBOL programmers aren’t due to a lack of qualified engineers, it's due to a lack of knowledge ...
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Prevent software application knowledge from walking out the door

Brain drain is a serious problem facing organizations that use software applications to run their businesses. Learn how you can seal the drain and retain all of the knowledge trapped ...
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