Phase Change announces the launch of its product-focused website – Initially, will support COBOL Colleague, the company's initial product and the first cognitive tool for software development, by targeting organizations that rely on COBOL-based applications for critical business operations.

The CodeCatalyst website details the problems faced by organizations with COBOL-based applications, such as a vanishing workforce and massively complex code bases, and shows how COBOL Colleague assists developers and stakeholders in solving them.

COBOL Colleague reads-in the source code, extracts the embedded concepts, discovers the dependencies, reveals the buried knowledge, and becomes an expert that never tires and never leaves.

Natural-language-interaction enables developers and stakeholders with limited COBOL experience to collaborate with the cognitive agent and efficiently work with their COBOL-based applications.

Find bugs and dead code in seconds, not minutes or hours. Make changes with full knowledge of the downstream impact. Confidently add new features, products, and services. Empower anyone with a basic understanding of COBOL to interact and engage with your COBOL applications.

Everything you dreamed of in COBOL environments is now a reality. Learn more at

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at