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Gain control over your legacy applications with an industry-changing AI that can understand monolithic programs better than the engineers who wrote them. Seriously.

We at Code Catalyst anticipated a day when core, legacy applications would part with the engineers that love them. Our solution, COBOL Colleague™, uses an advanced form of machine reasoning to make accessible the business knowledge – ALL of it – from millions of lines of code, across modules and disparate languages.


With a precise understanding of every aspect of a system, Colleague assists humans in their understanding of the system at machine speed. This is not your father’s static analysis. It is machine reasoning on the human concepts encoded in your apps; like a developer thinking about (and remembering) complex interrelationships; millions of them at once.

COBOL developers leave. Core applications live on.


Protection from a vanishing workforce

COBOL developers are aging. Their average age is 59 and 15% are permanently retiring annually, taking with them vital application knowledge.

COBOL Colleague™ employs a unique and innovative AI to extract comprehensive business knowledge from the code itself. Fifty years of development with 200 different programmers and styles? Colleague rips through the entanglement and unravels the business use cases effortlessly, with precision and clarity.

Now an analyst, QA specialist or novice programmer can analyze and understand millions of lines of code even better than they could if all 200 programmers were at their service.

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It is said that knowledge is power. Increase the power and productivity of your remaining workforce, exploiting the unlimited knowledge tucked inside Colleague’s virtual skull.

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Understand complex code

Although COBOL can be easy to learn, applications with tens of millions of lines of code are not. In fact, it takes as many as 24 months to become proficient with these applications.

Composed in multiple programming languages, interdependent programs and modules – and timers that synchronize critical processes – it takes a lot of grey matter to get a little bit of the big picture. Understanding is hard and sometimes impossible. If we had a nickel for every piece of replicated code that was created based on uncertainty.

Never again wait for another developer to tell you what the code should do. 

Interact in plain English with a virtual, cognitive agent: COBOL Colleague™. Unwind spaghetti code. Isolate defective code. Kill-off dead code. Extract every use case and every business rule in minutes, not months or years.

Use Case: Modernization
Before establishing an application modernization strategy, you must understand every function and every dependency in your system.
COBOL Colleague™ unravels spaghetti code and isolates business use cases (inclusive of business rules, etc.) to facilitate architecture decisions and transformation.


Find bugs in minutes and change code confidently

Developers search and read source code to find problems. They laboriously explore the programs to determine how changes will affect the entire application. In large applications, this determination almost always comes with uncertainty; risk.

COBOL Colleague™ collaborates with your IT staff to pinpoint and understand the root cause of bugs. Give it a fact about your defect and find the bug interactively, many times with a single question.

Then, when code is changed, Colleague renders a clear impact analysis enabling the entire team to make changes confidently and quickly. Bugs are squashed. Risk is mitigated.


Use Case: Maintenance
CIOs spend 80% of their budget and resources keeping their legacy applications alive and this is risky business.
Eliminate uncertainty with a precise understanding of the problem and the solution.

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Breakthrough in development productivity

Developers spend 75-80% of their time searching, reading, and trying to understand code before they make any material change. Large legacy systems include millions of lines of code with interweaving dependencies that multiply the complexity, slowing human comprehension and halting change.

COBOL Colleague™ understands COBOL applications at supersonic speed, providing deep insights into applications, activating “perfect knowledge” – the developers’ intention encoded over the last 50 years … that changed and changed and changed and changed and changed.

With Colleague’s application insights, increase developer productivity more than 8 times (800%). By the way, Colleague is available 24x7x365, never forgets, and never walks out the door.

Use Case: New features
CIOs with legacy applications must deliver new features and applications at market speed to keep pace with nimble competitors.
COBOL Colleague™ improves business agility by increasing productivity, freeing developers to build new functionality.

Propel the maintenance, evolution, and transformation of your programs with COBOL Colleague.

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