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Gain control over your legacy applications with an industry-changing AI.

We anticipated a day when core, legacy applications would be abandoned by the programmers that created them. Years of acquired knowledge are left opaque and encoded in the apps. New staff cannot grok the complex systems – not in months. Defects lurk. How much red is on your application-knowledge heatmap? Can you anticipate your operational risks?

Our solution, COBOL Colleague™, uses an advanced form of machine reasoning to make ALL business knowledge accessible from millions of lines of code. Developers interact with a virtual agent in much the same fashion as collaborating with a SME at a whiteboard. Understand with precision, repair and enhance with certainty, bolster your reputation.

This is not your father’s static analysis and it is not dynamic analysis either. It’s way more! It's machine reasoning on your apps to accelerate human understanding, with zero brain drain and 100% confidence of change. There is nothing in the industry like it.

Mitigate reputational risks

The average mainframe outage costs upward of $5MM per hour. Single compliance violations can cost upward of $70MM. The median tenure of a CIO is only three years. Is there a correlation?

We've seen entire COBOL procedures duplicated in source code to facilitate small capability changes. The reason is uncertainty about the logic in the code, fear to make a change that will have unpredictable, risky impacts. The result of such change is an increase in uncertainty, magnifying risk over time.

Would you worry if you saw a report with the following code snippet?

**If you see this, call This should not happen.**

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This is not out of the ordinary in legacy systems. What will your people do when is out of service?

Don’t be the next business to accelerate a car with the brakes on; to interrupt the transfer of millions of dollars; or to drop a plane out of the sky. Anticipate failure, plan for recovery, and avoid disaster – all with COBOL Colleague, which knows more about your business than all of the developers that ever passed through your doors.

Use Case: Maintenance
CIOs spend 80% of their budgets and resources keeping their legacy applications alive – this is risky business. When something goes wrong, don’t sweat it! Developers spontaneously gain a precise understanding of the problem and then know your solution is right – every time.

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Replace application expertise

COBOL developers are aging. Their average age is 59 years old and 15% retire every year, taking with them vital application knowledge. Although COBOL can be easy to learn, applications with tens of millions of lines of code are not. In fact, it takes as long as 24 months to become proficient with such applications.

COBOL Colleague enables novice mainframe developers to be productive on their first day, with brand new applications and no help from the application subject matter experts. A novice programmer can analyze and understand millions of lines of code effortlessly.

Never again wait for your key developer to free-up from their myriad of critical responsibilities.

Interact and discover with Colleague's virtual, cognitive agent. Collaborate in natural language. Unwind spaghetti code. Isolate defective code. Kill-off dead code.

Do your consultants come with programming language experience and no knowledge of your applications? No worries. The adoption cycle for Colleague is roughly 10 minutes. Imagine every question about an application answered unequivocally on the spot, for anyone. No kidding!

Use Case: Modernization
Before establishing an application modernization strategy, you strive to understand every system function and dependency. COBOL Colleague unravels complex code and isolates business use cases to facilitate architecture decisions and transformation.

Accelerate development productivity

Large legacy systems include millions of lines of code with interdependencies that multiply the complexity, slowing human comprehension and halting change. Developers spend 75-80% of their time searching, reading, and trying to understand code before making material changes.

COBOL Colleague understands COBOL much like developers do, providing deep insights into the programs and activating perfect knowledge – the developers’ intentions encoded over the last 50 years.

Regulatory violations in the middle of the night? Accounts not settling? With Colleague’s knowledge comes power. Let Colleague isolate where your bugs are and get your staff on-track and rested.

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Next time your business needs a change, your team can estimate perfectly and execute ahead of schedule.

Colleague’s application insights can increase developer productivity more than 10 times (1,000%), it's available 24x7x365, never forgets, and never walks out the door.

Use Case: New features
CIOs with legacy applications must deliver new features and applications at market speed to keep pace with nimble competitors. COBOL Colleague improves business agility by increasing productivity and freeing developers to build new functionality.

Propel the maintenance, evolution, and transformation of your programs with COBOL Colleague.

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